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Miguel Delgado, MD Gynecomastia Specialist
Miguel Delgado, MD Gynecomastia Specialist

Is Gynecomastia Something To Be Worried About?

Let us all be honest here, in this current age everyone is very particular and place extra importance on how they look and how fit they are, which is why so many San Francisco plastic surgeons, like Miguel Delgado, M.D. make a living conducting surgeries to make an individual look and feel better . There are also numerous options and diets for an individual to stay active and be healthy.  However, true gynecomastia treatment can only be successfully treated with gynecomastia male breast reduction surgery.   To view many before and after gynecomastia photos visit this link.

The question to be asked is weather Gynecomastia has any long term effects on the individual, it is not something they can control and from what I have read doesn’t seem to have any serious complications if there are no serious underlying factors causing it. From what I understand, many cases of  adolescent Gynecomastia male breast resolve on its own within a few months, it is only when the systems persist and the swelling doesn’t go down,  San Francisco, California gynecomastia doctors conduct further tests to ensure nothing more serious is the underlying cause of the swelling. When a boy or man gets Gynecomastia, it is usually during puberty but it goes away in a couple of years or sooner, if it doesn’t treatment options are available and if that doesn’t work surgical options are primarily gynecomastia male breast reduction surgery.
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Though the treatment and surgical options are available there are certain conditions or more accurately limitations, the treatment option will only work in the early stages of Gynecomastia as they are several drugs being given to help bring down the estrogen hormone causing the swelling. The problem with this is that the individual suffering from adolescent Gynecomastia may not notice it and show it in time making the surgical option the only one available and from what I have read, it’s not cheap, it’s quite expensive and many cosmetic plastic surgeon are not to well-versed on doing the procedure since it is not something that is popular, the individual will have to get a specialized doctor for it.


Then we might add, why should the individual worry, won’t their insurance cover it? Sadly no, many insurance companies will not cover it unless its life threatening as the surgery is more for looks as opposed to preventing future problems.


Further, not much research has been shed on the guys who have had the surgery or treatment. How long did it take for them to get back to normal? Did they ever feel normal again? Did the treatment or surgery eliminate the swelling completely? This makes it very difficult and provides very little options for a guy suffering from Gynecomastia, as even if he manages identify the problem early and fork out the money from his own pocket and get the treatments or the surgery done, who is to know that the treatment or surgery will be effective and take care of the swelling completely.


Gynecomastia though in most cases not life threatening, seems to still be quite new and limited in terms of the treatment and surgical options.  Call Dr. Delgado today. 415 898 4161

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